About Sam Lopez



“I give my clients much more than nice pictures. They receive an eye full of artistry and a heart full of passion.
Like myself, I’m sure your life can’t simply be described in one word, or one sentence for that matter. It’s a story... volumes that read like a love novel, perhaps a mystery, sometimes a comedy and unfortunately at other times, a tragedy. If you’re anything like me, I prefer books full of pictures that help tell the story that sometimes words are unable to describe.
This is why I am so passionate about photography. It adds the color to the story when words are simply black and white. I strive to do it in a way that reflects the emotions of the moment. Whether it’s capturing the emotions of love, beauty, life or wonder, they are memories that will forever live through photography.”

Sam lives in Hillsborough, NJ with his wife Kristen, his 2 year old daughter, Zoey, and their dog, Bono. When Sam isn’t taking pictures, he is usually jamming on his bass guitar. Or... during the right time of year, you’ll find him pointing his skis straight down the steepest slope of any snow covered mountain.